How to Lose Weight Quickly

Can You Receive Breast-Cancer Treatment While Pregnant?

14 October

Breast cancer occurring during pregnancy is rare, but it does happen. In addition to worrying about the health of your fetus, you now have to worry about the impact the cancer is having on your body. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are pregnant, here is what you need to know.   Is […]

Telling the Difference Between Basal Cell Carcinoma and Contact Dermatitis

29 September

Skin cancer is a serious problem that affects millions of Americans across the country. One of these types, basal cell carcinoma, is unfortunately easy to mistake as contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction on your skin. Telling the difference between the two is crucial for treating either condition. Symptoms of Basal Cell Carcinoma Basal cell carcinomas […]

Know The Signs It Is Time For In-Home Care Supervision For Your Aging Parent

12 September

As your parents get older, many things will change, and some of them will make you concerned about them being unsupervised at home, especially if they live alone. From dealing with medical issues to not being as physically capable as they once were, elderly individuals can face a whole new list of challenges in their […]

How A Chiropractor Can Make You A Better Runner

25 August

Running is excellent for the body, and taking up running as an extracurricular activity is a great form of exercise. However, the more you run, the more you are placed at risk of suffering an injury. One way to reduce your risk of an injury is to take a trip to a chiropractor. Chiropractors are often […]

3 Mistakes To Avoid With Contraception

10 August

Despite all of the available information about contraception, people still make mistakes when it comes to picking and using the right one. Mistakes with contraception can prove costly and can have a long-term impact on your life. If you are currently using contraceptives, here are some mistakes to avoid to ensure you get the most […]

Hormones And Aging: Can Supplementation Really Turn Back The Clock?

29 July

As we age, the hormones that give us our youthful vitality start to decline and our bodies start to decline in turn. In some cases, replacing certain missing hormones can enhance our health and make us feel younger and more energetic. DHEA DHEA is a precursor hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It is crucial […]

Knee Pain: How Kettlebells Can Help

14 July

Chronic knee pain seems to have been on the rise in the U.S. over the last several decades, and researchers aren’t entirely sure why. There are also a tremendous number of knee injuries—over 6 million people sought help from 1999 through 2008 in emergency rooms for knee injuries caused by everything from recreation to just walking on […]

FAQ About Erectile Dysfunction

30 June

Does having sexual intercourse with your partner make you frustrated because you can’t seem to keep an erection for a long time? The problem may be that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, which can be caused from several different things. There are a few different treatment options that are available to treat erectile dysfunction.  […]

Colon Cancer Screening Options: What You Should Know

01 June

Whether the time has come to get your first colon cancer screening, or you are planning ahead for a time when you will need one, you may find yourself wondering what colon cancer screening test options are available to you. Get to know more about a few of the colon cancer screening options that are […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention: The Present And The Future

01 June

Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that affects millions of people every year. It can be a devastating diagnosis for not only the people who have the condition but also for their friends and family. As such, if you are looking for a way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in yourself and in those you […]